Disturbed Coder

Ideas of a disturbed programmer

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Born in 1985 in Pelotas / Brazil, I started programming at 10. I was kind of an apprentice of a friend of my father whose worked as programmer using Clipper and Basic.
Since then I've always studied and worked with code (well, there was a time that I tried to play the guitar - but I suck at it).
Long story short, I went to college to study computer science and later physics and mathematics. I always wanted to work with games and, in my view, a solid technical knowledge was to key to create whatever I invented.
I've worked with Flash and ActionScript during 10 years, most of the time working for the european market. And in the past 4 years I'm working almost exclusivelly with Unity3D making games.
My grand crusade is create my own game, a real time strategy game with some different ideas. Lately I've been working a lot to achieve that. And I won't stop until it's published.