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January 19 2018

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Has been a long time since my last blog post. A lot of things have changed in the past few years. Finally, I’ve joined the game development industry working with Unity3D/C#. I haven’t worked with Flash in years (believe, somehow I still miss ActionScript3).

And now, I have a fresh new goal: develop and publish my own game. It’s a desolate real time strategy game, set in a sort of a wasteland with scarce resources.
I’ve been working on this game since 2012 (using Flash). In 2014 I ported the whole code to Unity3D, and in the past year I spent hundreds of hours working on it.
My idea is a different approach, if compared to the well-known RTS games, such as:

  • Controlling units: it’s heavily inspired by the Close Combat series. The player won’t have to manage every single person individually. The units are small groups of people with a certain degree of autonomy (I really want to avoid micromanagement here);
  • Meme-based settlements: every settlement has a unique memepool which grants custom modifiers, events and behaviours. Every meme can be learned, making every memepool mutable in time. Examples of memes are: corruption, critical thinking, military training, faith and canibalism.
  • Huge maps: I mean, really huge maps. 50x50km² maps, where a person takes a lot of time to cross on foot. Real time strategy games like Age of Empires and StarCraft have small maps where a unit can cross it in just few minutes. Strategy games featuring larger maps (Civilization, Europa Universalis and Total War) won’t allow you to see things happening at person level, instead they give you only the “big picture”. I want to explore both things: the close view of classic RTS games and the distant view of grand strategy games (without the loading process of Total War).
  • A cruel world: the map is procedurally generated, giving you thousands of different terrains to explore. There’s no balanced game start because the world doesn’t care about your special-snow-flake faction. Luck is involved in many actions and people will die because of dumb things.
  • Cars: yeah, wasteland and huge maps. You definitely can embark your units in cars. And when your faction have cars a whole new gameplay will emerge.

In the next days I’ll be posting more details of the game with some screenshots and GIFs.

See you next time!